For Decades of years all indie game developers have been debating on this topic which is the best Game Engine of all time due to this proper gaming studios prefer their own game engines now a days like Ubisoft uses Anvil Next, Snowdrop and many more, Rockstar Games uses Rockstar Advance Game Engine(RAGE) and etc.

What is Game Engine?

A Game Engine is a software framework primarily designed to develop games. Now Engine in this case is similar to software engine. Game Engines are capable to create 3D game, 2D games, First Person shooter and many more. Not only make the game but build the game for PC and Gaming Consoles too.

Game Engine generally consist of Physics engine which allows player create it’s own physics in the game, Collision Detection which allows player to allow users to collide with things, sound for adding sounds, Scripting which is the main part of game engine which allows users to add there own custom logic to make the games come to live, Animation allow users to add movements to the game, Networking helps in making multiplayer games, AI is used to create enemies and Player companions too and Game engine contains many more things.

Game Engine uses SDK of different Consoles like for Android it uses Android SDK, for PlayStation it uses PlayStation SDK and so for other also Game engines uses SDK to port the game to different Gaming Consoles.

Which are the Gaming Engines in market for Indie game developers?

There are many gaming engine but here are the famous and free gaming engines in the indie game market:

  1. Unity 3D.
  2. Unreal Engine.
  3. Godot.
  4. Game Maker.

And many more but these are the most used ones.

Unity3D is a Cross platform Game engine made by Unity Technologies. It was firstly announced for Apple OS X Exclusive later it came for other platforms too. Currently unity is the best and easy to use game engine which uses custom Roslyn C# language to work. Unity generally uses a IL2CPP technology which converts C# codes to C++. Generally in Game Development industry maximum companies try to use C++ as there daily driver. Unity has lot of capability which has been seen since a lot of companies have try to use it. Unity is really famous in indie game development market as it is easy to use and it uses C#.

Here are some Indie game made using Unity3D:

  1. Cuphead.
  2. Hollow knight.
  3. Ori and the blind forest.
  4. Night in the Wood.

And many more are made using Unity3D.

Unreal Engine is a cross platform Gaming engine made by Epic games. Unreal engine is probably the most old game engines of all time and probably the most used in both Proper Game Development Market and Indie game market too. Unreal Engine uses C++ as their programming language and it has something that other game engine doesn’t that is Blueprint which is a visual scripting C++ language which allows people who doesn’t understand programming languages this comes as handy for those people. In theory Unreal engine is probably the best gaming engine as it has lot of development options plus it has texture visual scripting too which allows developer to work easily too so that makes unreal engine better than any game engine mentioned here. In terms of graphics unreal engine is a lot capable than we think and great thing is that it free to use.

Here are some Indie game made using Unreal engine:

  1. A Hat in time.
  2. Blades of Orterra.
  3. Raji: The Ancient Epic.
  4. Squad.

And Many more.

Godot is Open source cross platform Gaming engine licensed under MIT made by Juan Linietsky and Ariel Manzur. Godot aims to offer a fully integrated game development environment. It allows developers to create a game, needing no other tools beyond those used for content creation. The engine’s architecture is built around the concept of a tree of “nodes”. Nodes are organized inside of “scenes”, which are reusable, instanceable, inheritable, and nestable groups of nodes. All game resources, including scripts and graphical assets, are saved as part of the computer’s file system. Godot uses GDScript as there programming language which is made by the developer of the game engine. GD Script is similar to Python in syntax it also support many languages like lua, python and many more but GD Script is preferred. Otherwise for visual scripting it should be equivalent GDScript.

Here are some Indie games made in Godot:

  1. Kingdom of the dump.
  2. Haiki.
  3. The Garden Path.
  4. Untill Then.

And many more.

Game Maker is a cross platform game engine made by  Mark Overmars and developed by YoYo Games. Game Maker uses drag and drop for making game and also uses visual scripting and programing language too known as Game Maker Language which can be used to create advance game which cannot be made using drag and drop. It was generally made for less experience game developer and people who don’t know programming.

Here are some game made using Game Maker:

  1. Undertale.
  2. Hotline Miami.
  3. The Swords of Ditto.
  4. Hyper Light Drifter.

And many more.


Well in conclusion by comparing 4 game engine we can say it depends really on people to people what they prefer. If you ask me I would say Unity for beginners and Unreal for Advance developers. If we see indie game development market then Unity and unreal engine are generally preferred for indie game development as they are easy to use and know programming language. It’s not like that people don’t prefer Godot and Game Maker but unity and unreal has a massive community where indie game developers can fix there problems compare to other Gaming engines. At the end it depends upon people what they prefer and how easy it is for them to use these gaming engine.

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