Agra locals renamed the area as 'Badbu Vihar', 'Narakpuri'.

Agra locals renamed the area as 'Badbu Vihar', 'Narakpuri'.

AGRA: Narakpuri (Hell City), Durgund Shell Colony (Stink Colony), Narra Sarovar Colony (Drain Lake Colony) became a civil society and then attached by the inhabitants themselves to Agulhas Avadpuri, Punchshiel Colony and Mansarovar Colony respectively. new name. Problems such as flooded, damaged roads and garbage disposal have not been resolved. "

Three other colonies were also renamed Badbu Vihar (Smell Monastery), Ghinauna Nagar (Disgusting City) and Kichad Nagar Colony (Mud Colony). Locals claimed they decided on this "unique protest" to "reflect the state in which they are located." Signs and banners were put up to announce the new names of these places, but these had long been ignored by the Agra Development Authority (ADA), locals claimed, and all the banners were removed by the ADA on Monday. added that it was.

According to local Pashant Shikarwal, who runs a sports shop in Agra city, "Inundation and road damage are major problems in the Mansarovar colony. Repeated requests to the ADA to address these issues have been ignored. We changed the name of the place to 'Nala Colony' when it was done. ”

Sikarwar said, “The ADA and police teams came and tore all the banners.The ADA team also asked me to deposit money in their office if any development work is needed here.
Mukund Nagar resident Deshraj Chahar said: His MLA and MP in the past have not helped. We have also asked for proper roads. When all our demands fell on deaf ears, we decided to protest in this way. Wait a few days and continue protesting if the citizen's problem is not resolved.

I made a phone call to an ADA official asking for an answer, but got no response. ADA later issued a press release stating: Authorities have assured that construction of the road and drainage ditches will begin soon after speaking with local residents and coordinating with other departments with their help. "

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