Karnataka Order Asking Parents To Donate To Public Schools Withdrawn

Karnataka Order Asking Parents To Donate To Public Schools Withdrawn
On 20th October, an order was issued directing state primary and secondary schools to collect £100 a month from each student's parents as a donation for development work.

KARNATAKA: Karnataka's education ministry on Saturday issued an order to collect Rupee100 monthly donations from parents for the development and management of the state's primary and secondary schools, after facing criticism from political parties and parents. I withdrew.

On 20 October, the Minister for Schools and Education and the Public Primary and Secondary Schools Development Monitoring Committee (SDMC) directed public primary and secondary schools to collect Rup[ee100 monthly donations from each student's parents for development work. did. .

The Government of Karnataka has issued a statement from the Ministry of Public Education stating that "the acceptance notice issued on October 20, 2022 has been immediately withdrawn."

Leader Janata Dal (secular) and former Prime Minister HD Kumaraswamy criticized the Karnataka government for collecting money from students' parents.

"This government has gone bankrupt and is shamelessly raising money," said a JDS leader.

Opposition leader Siddharamaiah said the BJP wants to loot his parents, all previous programs announced by his government have been canceled by the current BJP government, and the government has decided to expand and maintain schools. claimed to be shamelessly collecting money from students.

“The BJP government in Karnataka is now targeting poor students in public schools. After looting 40% commission from government coffers, they are now trying to loot their parents as well,” he said in a tweet. I was.

Siddaramaiah said his government provided students with milk, cooked meals, uniform shoes, vidyasiri and dormitory facilities.

"This Karnataka BJP government has gradually taken back all this and now wants to take their money too," the former prime minister tweeted.

The President of the Bundestag further called for the immediate repeal of the order.

"The Ministry of Education should immediately withdraw the order to collect fees from parents," he said, urging the government to "restart all programs for students."

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