15 Tips To Stay Healthy | How To Be Healthy

15 Tips To Stay Healthy | How To Be Healthy

How to get healthy? This is the question everyone wants to know these days. Since the environment and food around us are highly polluted, we must pay close attention to our health.

In this day and age, people need to educate themselves on health tips and make them an integral part of their lives.

If someone wants to be successful, he or she must be physically fit and agile.

Without health, neither wealth nor success can be achieved.

Some readers may suffer from many minor health problems. These issues are like a wall to their success. [Tips for staying healthy]

How can you stay healthy today? I share 15 Hindi health tips
 on how to work like honey (how to be healthy) for you.

And even if you're perfectly healthy, these health tips are for you.

Come on friends, what's the delay, do you know how to be sane? (how to get healthy)

(15 Health Tips in Hindi) How To Be Healthy

Read these health tips carefully and make them a part of your life to avoid getting sick.

1- The most important thing to stay healthy is to wake up in the morning and drink 3-4 glasses of water. If you wake up early in the morning without brushing your teeth and drink 3-4 glasses (about 1 liter) of lukewarm water, the toxins will be flushed out of your body.

2- Exercising daily is one of the most useful habits for staying healthy. You have to exercise in the morning. At least 20 minutes can be set aside for as long as you like in your daily exercise routine. Exercising in the morning will leave you feeling energized and happy all day long.

3- Breakfast is such a meal that 50% of our health depends on it. Eat sprouted chickpeas, legumes, seasonal fruits, and dried fruits for breakfast in the morning. Try to finish your breakfast by 8:00. Fresh fruit juices are also available upon request.

4- The secret to good health is not to drink water immediately after eating, as drinking water immediately afterward will reduce the fire in your stomach and prevent your food from being properly digested. Therefore, it is necessary to drink water at least 45 minutes after eating, it is very good when it is lukewarm.

5- The best tip for staying healthy is to urinate immediately after eating, just before bathing, and just before going to bed.Urinating soon after eating reduces the risk of stones and sugar. Urinating just before bathing will bring your body temperature back to normal, and urinating just before bed will help you sleep better.

6- If you want to be healthy, stop eating sugar today. Sugar is very bad for our body. If you can't stop, reduce it a bit. Use honey, ice cream, brown sugar, etc. Also, keep salt to a minimum. If you eat salt, use only rock salt.

7- Meditation is very important to stay healthy. In addition to mental health, it also keeps your physical health in perfect condition. You should meditate for at least 15 minutes in the morning or evening during the day. Meditation is the best way to release tension. Being stress free makes you healthier. Remember that the environment during meditation should be clean and comfortable.

8- Many diseases are also caused by lack of sleep. Without sleep, the day is wasted. You need at least 6 hours and no more than 8 hours of sleep. When we sleep, our body's vital force repairs and rests the body, and we are fully recharged.

9- What time do you eat? The secret to good health is to fix meal times to stay healthy. Breakfast must be taken by 8am. You can have lunch around noon and dinner just before sunset. You can drink milk at night while you sleep.

10- Body massage is a great way to keep your body healthy. A full body massage should be done weekly. You can use mustard, sesame or Ayurvedic oils for this. Oil massage greatly improves the blood flow in the blood vessels of the body, making it less likely that the body will get sick.

11. Getting up early in the morning is a very good habit. You have to wake up before the sun rises every day. Morning mood is considered like honey. From 4 in the morning he wakes up at 5 so he can keep his body and mind healthy. Morning hours are great for walking, exercising and meditating. This is the best time for students to read books.

12- Science also proves that staying positive is good for your health. He is neither nervous nor tired. Such a person leads a very healthy and prosperous life.

13- Eating more fruits and dried fruits will make your body naturally healthy. Our bodies digest fruit in two hours for him, but it takes him six to eight hours to digest food. The faster our body digests what we eat, the healthier we are. Almonds and walnuts should be used for dried fruits. Note that you should use no more than 28 grams of dried fruit at any one time.

14- If you want to live a healthy life, you should stop drinking tea, coffee and fast food. Leaving these three behind is only possible if you start using their substitutes.Sometimes you use Ayurvedic drinks instead of tea or coffee, or even make and eat fast food at home.

15- You can take good and natural medicines regularly to live a healthy life.Basil leaves can be taken daily. You should also consume green tea, amla and garlic regularly.All of these act as natural medicines and protect you from illness.


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