Google to bring live package delivery tracking feature within Gmail | Gmail • Google • Package tracking

Google to bring live package delivery tracking feature within Gmail | Gmail • Google • Package tracking

Search engine giant Google has announced a new feature that will allow users to track product shipments in the Gmail app. “The holiday season is fast approaching, and it won't be long before your inbox is filled with order and shipment confirmations, tracking numbers, and even the occasional late notice. Gmail rolled out new features to help you save money this year. An overview of the time and all the broadcasts that track it,” said Ilya Brown, Gmail's vice president of product.

When a user orders a product and receives a confirmation note in Gmail. The latter has the option to track packages in Gmail, which you can allow or deny.

If you allow, Gmail will automatically look up your order status based on your tracking number and display it in your inbox. Also, the user can opt out from her Gmail settings at any time.

Track Google-built packages directly to your Gmail inbox- 2

Google is adding package tracking functionality to Gmail. This makes it easier to see where your order is at a glance while scrolling through your email. In a blog post Wednesday, the company said that in the coming weeks, you'll see "a simple and convenient view of package tracking and shipping information in your inbox." However, when you access your email, you will see a card with more detailed information. At the moment, this feature seems to be optional. If available, you can enable it from the notification that appears in your inbox or from your settings.

According to Google, Gmail can also notify you if your package is delayed and display order emails at the top of your inbox. However, the feature appears to be coming later, although the post says it will roll out "in the coming months."

The feature works with "most major US carriers," but there's an elephant in the room. It's Amazon. The retailer's shipping notification emails don't include tracking information, or even tell you which products have been shipped (perhaps the company wants Google to track the products you purchase and use that information for advertising purposes). because they didn't want to use it).

A Google spokesperson, Madison Veld, told The Verge that Amazon's email format means that Gmail can't see tracking information, and the feature will be available "to participating retailers," adding: If the tracking number is not included in the merchant's order email, the package tracking feature will not be available."

This is not unique to Google, as other parcel delivery apps have a history of struggling to keep up with Amazon. Still, the features Google is adding should come in handy for those who don't necessarily need the functionality of a dedicated package tracking app (although rather than showing that information among all your other emails). It has the advantage of just showing the luggage). place of receipt).

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