How To Build A Body Without Supplements | Bina Supplements Ke Body Kaise Banaye

How To Build A Body Without Supplements | Bina Supplements Ke Body Kaise Banaye

How To Build A Body Without Supplements So what's behind the delay?

We are always ready to answer your questions.Here is how to do body/muscle without supplements in Hindi.

It's also true that nutritional supplements help a lot in building our bodies.If you pay attention, you'll find that 75% of boys who exercise use supplements. There are almost all types of dietary supplements on the market today.

Creatine, multivitamins, protein, glutamine, BCAAs and more. Most gym boys use them to get a good body as soon as possible. But those on a tight budget want to know how to build muscle without supplements.

Before we know how to build a body without supplements, we need to dig deep into what supplements do to start building a body.Take protein supplements for example.

Let's say you bought Kg whey protein. If you look closely, you'll see that it says 25 or 26 grams per scoop.Currently, there are 30 grams of powder in a scoop, so if you take 30 grams of protein powder from there, you'll quickly get 25 or 26 grams per scoop. That's 26 grams of pure protein. Take a look.This shows that carbs and fat are totally negligible.

You are probably wondering what we are trying to convey. Dear friends, we are trying to explain that carbohydrates and fats are negligible in all the supplements we take. Therefore, the body begins to take shape by taking supplements: proteins, multivitamins, enzymes, etc.

In order to build a body without supplements, you need to understand that you need to keep your diet perfectly healthy.Fitness means very low amounts of carbohydrates and fats and adequate amounts of proteins and vitamins. After that, your food will act as a nutritional supplement.

If you ask a well-trained older bodybuilder at the gym what he should do to build muscle without supplements, he usually suggests eating what you eat. is wrong and gets in the way. You don't have to eat full to build your body, but you do need to eat foods that don't require supplements.Read the article all the way through to get the gist.

Simple and clear, if I want to build my body without supplements, to know what I'm eating, how much protein I'm getting from it, and how much I'm getting. Second, you have to work hard and scrutinize your diet. vitamins and calories.

Knowing this, you will automatically understand how to build a great physique and muscle without using bodybuilding supplements. Eliminate from your diet anything that provides only extra calories.

Such as tea, coffee, cold drinks, junk food, fried foods and many other sweets. Instead, you should include fruits, vegetables and dried fruits in your diet.

Also, when you take a protein supplement, you get only up to 85% protein and much less carbs and fat. will be ingested.

For example, for 25 grams of protein, you should eat about 100 grams of paneer. Eating 100 grams of paneer will give you 25 grams of protein, but at the same time, something you didn't mean to too much fat and carbs.

It's clear that you need to sweat more in the gym to digest your body. Otherwise, your body will become deformed instead of becoming your good body.Because you don't have time to eat such things all the time to get good quality protein and other nutrients, your body will not be able to survive without supplements. is a little difficult to make.

But the truth is that the body can make itself without supplements.Always have a goal in mind and keep working towards it.

Here are a few things that will help you build muscle without supplements.Just follow these things and you'll be fast and good.

How To Make Muscles Without Bodybuilding Supplements 

Morning exercise

Morning exercise if you want to build a body without supplements. The reason for this is that when you try to supplement your diet with protein, you also take in extra calories.

But you don't actually need that many calories. Exercising every morning on an empty stomach will burn those calories at the same time.This will not increase your obesity and will keep you in shape.

Absolutely Cut Out Carbs

If you want to know how to build your body without supplements, you need to cut out carbs. This means that you only need to consume carbohydrates in a way that you get energy from them. Reduce carbs from your diet by 50-60%.

Use Only Good Fats

Fats are also necessary for building a body, but they should be healthy fats such as pure desi ghee, fish oil and peanut butter.

Drink Milk Little by Little

In our mother tongue, we are told that milk is the only supplement.It is also true that if you want to build muscle without supplements, you need to drink more milk.Drink a lot of milk at once. Try to drink in small sips instead of full.

Eat a lot of fruits

Fruits also have a positive effect on our bodies. They contain various vitamins and other nutrients. The best part is they don't give us a lot of calories.

Maintain regularity If you want to build a body without supplements

You need to exercise regularly. Make a rule that you have to exercise when you take time off from work.

Rest properly

In order to build a good body, it is also necessary to give your muscles a good rest. Winter is bad, but let's make it a rule to sleep at least one hour a day in summer. This will help your muscles grow faster.

Eat Eggs Every Day If you're not taking

supplements, eggs are the way to go. Nothing beats eggs instead of supplements. These provide the most protein-like supplements, not wasted calories.

Eat More Vegetables and Salads

Increase the number of vegetables and salads in your diet to ensure that your food is digested well as well as getting the nutrients you need to build muscle.

Eat Dried Fruit

Dried fruits like almonds, cashews and walnuts are great sources of protein and healthy fats. Eating a little bit of dried fruit every day will definitely help you get faster.

Coconut Oil Massage Begin to feel yourself.

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