Top 3 Ways To Improve Heart Health By Doing Exercise

Top 3 Ways To Improve Heart Health By Doing Exercise
A recent study on activity levels and heart health found that vigorous physical activity was more likely than moderate exercise levels to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Although it has long been known to reduce rates, specific types of activity are usually not separated from periods of activity.

Vigorous activity (such as running) may have more benefits than moderate activity (such as walking), even if total activity remains the same. The study found that increasing vigorous exercise could reduce heart disease by up to 40%. Researchers say that in addition to exercise intensity, the total duration of physical activity may also make the biggest difference.

Research fellow at the University of Leicester's Department of Epidemiology and the University of Cambridge's Medical Research Council (MRC) and lead author of the paper, says the wearable fitness tracker has helped the team get better data. .

“Most of the large studies to date have used questionnaires to determine participants' levels of physical activity, but it is difficult to recall exactly the intensity and duration of physical activity. Cars and sorting will be laundry," Dempsey said in a statement. “Without accurate recordings of physical activity duration and intensity, we could not distinguish the contributions of more vigorous and total physical activity.”

Researchers looked at 88,000 Singles

The study, published October 27 in the European Heart Journal, used a wearable step-tracking device to track the exercise levels of 88,000 participants in the UK over a week. (Previous studies often used activity logs filled out by participants, which may have caused the error because many overestimated activity levels.) Physical activity levels were collected Subjects were then followed for an average of 6.8 years to determine their incidence of cardiovascular disease, such as heart attack and stroke. was recorded. All participants were middle-aged and free of current cardiovascular disease.


When the data were fully collected and analyzed, total activity was found to be associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. They also found that increasing the percentage of vigorous physical activity from 10% to 20% of daily activity reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease by an additional 14%, even when daily activity levels were still low. The lowest rates of cardiovascular disease were found in people with high daily activity levels and a high percentage of vigorous to moderate activity.

"New data suggest that not only is sedentary behavior potentially fatal in elevated cardiac events, but that physical activity is not only a modifier, but that physical activity intensity is important. The more intense the exercise, the better the protection of the heart," said Dr. Jayne Morgan, cardiologist and executive director of health and community education at Piedmont Healthcare, Inc. said like this.

Rate of activity

Increasing overall activity and not increasing the frequency of vigorous exercise did not further reduce the risk of heart disease. As overall activity increased and the percentage of vigorous physical activity increased, the rate of cardiovascular disease further decreased. 20% increase. An additional 40% increase in the amount of vigorous exercise was associated with a 40% lower incidence of heart disease.

“While the type of physical activity has not been specifically studied, you can choose to change your current habits or adopt new ones based on what fits your lifestyle,” Morgan added. The study authors recommended increasing the rate of vigorous activity by attempting to cover the same distance in less time. B. Walk faster or do more cardio in the same amount of time as before. They also added that overall activity levels are still important, and that low-intensity exercise is still worthwhile even if you can't significantly increase your vigorous activity levels.

Ways to increase rate

Both doctors agreed that the most important part of the study was achieving higher overall activity levels. Suggested a new activity.

"Examples of vigorous physical activity include running, lap swimming, individual tennis, and jumping rope." If you're not doing anything, do something, maybe light physical activity, if you do one thing like light physical activity, do more things like moderate or vigorous activity. Aim for the next level! Your heart will thank you."

Morgan gave similar advice. "If you're a hiker like me, it's time to pick up the pace. If you're a Pilates enthusiast like me, force yourself to repeat the movement a few times. Improve your health.Do you know? You may even lose a few pounds in the process. "

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